Your New Customer Service Team

What if we told you that from now on all your clients will be happy every time they contact you? BizyBot is a smart chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence, a coacher and a CRM. It will provide answers to your clients, would know how to prioritize them according to criteria of your choice, will take your messages and help you manage all requests in a smart way fit for you. BizyBot will run 24/7 on your website, app, Facebook and Messenger, and even your phone.

How It Works?


BizyBot Perception

  • Small talk Ability
  • Solution tree (Unlimited updates)
  • Payment -Expanded requests package
  • Requests dashboard app - Upgraded
  • Ability to create request forms (unlimited included)
  • AI technology chatbot that allows free language
  • Personal Human coach
  • A holistic perception of managing customer service

BizyBot System

  • Small talk Ability
  • Solution tree (Expanded with monthly updates)
  • Payment - Basic requests package
  • Requests dashboard app - Upgraded
  • Ability to create request forms (additional cost)

BizyBot Tool

  • Mobile app for managing customer requests
  • Automatic response to your clients
  • Basic and predefined solution tree
  • Payment - according to number of calls
  • Requests dashboard app in your mobile

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About the Company

BizyBot is a project from the house of Webstick, a technology company with 12 years experience in web development, system development and project management. BizyBot was born a bit after it's older sister, Citybot, an innovative project that received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority, which its cause is to connect between the municipality and its clients. After the Muni Expo convention we found that there is a big need in Citybot for the private sector, we have re-characterized it and hit if off.