Bizybot is an innovative start-up that was established in order to provide organization with a system to manage customer service.
Your clients will contact you in the different platforms and Bizybot will wait them there, 24/7, to provide them with the same service you would have provided.
Bizybot, not like other bots, is a learning bot, it develops from question to question, meaning, if it doesn't know how to answer a question, it consults with its coacher, and learns the answer to the next time it is asked, then, it will already know how to answer it on its own.
Bizybot was developed by Webstick, a company that specializes in systems and has 12 years of experience in this field, it provides Bizybot with the knowledge and the ability to synch between systems to Bizybot and makes sure that the municipality systems and work habits will function as per usualy and in sync.
The product gives both a solution and answer to the organization and its clients: to the organization - improving the contact to the client, lowering the pressure from the service centers, putting all requests in a more clear way, and reports that improve the efficiency of the organization. To the client - a fast and clear solution regarding the request they sent.
If Bizybot understands the question and knows the answer it answers on its own to the clients. if Bizybot does not know how to answer the question, it consults with its coacher or directs to the organization and makes sure that the solution reaches the client, while it learns for the next time.
Bizybot learns on its own to answer the client and like this with time it is capable of ansswering them about simple questions in a direct way and with no help from the organization. If the request is more complex Bizybot will direct it directly to the relevant person. This way the employees of the organization can concentrate in their day to day job and in requests that are only relevant to them.
You can connect Bizybot to the organization in a few days, since the integration and installation are immediate, the intake of the smart system is also immediate. In a few weeks, Bizybot get efficient and already learns most of the common questions and answers.